1979-1980            Nottingham Trent University : Art Foundation.

1980-1983            University of the West of England, Bristol: BA (Hons).

1983-1985            Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent: MA.(Design)

1987-1988            Goldsmiths College, London University: Art Teacher Training (PGCE).


2014-2015            Art In Action Demonstrator / Exhibitor, Waterperry, Oxford.

2013                     Opened Goat Street Gallery, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

                             Workshop and Exhibition, Website www.goatstreetgallery.co.uk.

2011-2013            Twenty Twenty Gallery / St Davids Studio Gallery, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

2010                     Amanda Wright Textiles/Dan Wright Ceramics: St.Davids Cathedral refectory

                             exhibition gallery.

2009                     Amanda Wright Textiles/Dan Wright Ceramics: Brook Street Gallery, Hay on Wye

2008                     Amanda Wright Textiles/Dan Wright Ceramics: St.Davids Cathedral refectory

                             exhibition gallery.

2005                     Staffordshire Artists Open Exhibition: City Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

2002                     Stoke on Trent Open Art Exhibition: City Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

                             Staffordshire Artists: Lichfield Arts Festival, Lichfield Cathedral.

2001                     Staffordshire Art Teachers Exhibition: Oddfellows Hall, Stafford.

1998                     Stoke on Trent Open Art Exhibition: City Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

1996                     Independent Textiles Makers Group: The Tamworth Art Centre, Tamworth.

                             The Gateway Gallery: Shrewsbury, Independent Textiles Makers Group  

1995-1996            Made in the Middle Touring Exhibition: (1) Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, during

                             Nov/Dec, (2) Wolverhampton Art Gallery, during Jan/Feb, (3) Stoke-on-Trent City

                             Art Gallery, during March/April (1 week Artist in residence placement during the


1995                     Amanda Wright Textiles: Harrogate Exhibition Halls, Harrogate.

                             Summer Open Exhibition: City Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, (Webberley prize winner).

                             Amanda Wright Textiles; West Midlands Arts Reception, Birmingham.

1984-1994            Crafts Council Touring Exhibition: (Exhibited at (1) Bilston Art Gallery,

                             Wolverhampton, (2) The Brew House Arts Centre, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs).

                             Amanda Wright Textiles: Hungry Horse Gallery, Birmingham.

                             Amanda Wright Textiles: Oxford Gallery, Oxford.

                             Amanda Wright Textiles: Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales.

                             Open Art Exhibition: Castle Museum, Nottingham, (prize winner).

                             Amanda Wright Textiles: Rufford Crafts Centre, Nottingham.

Recent Commissions

2013-2017           Since opening The Goat Street Gallery, I am commissioned on a regular basis            

                                by individuals for a range of work and subject matter, such as buildings, birds, fish,

                                hangings and large framed pieces.

2015                    St Davids Cathedral, North Transept, Caradog, West Wales.

2013                    Prism: Drug Addiction Centre, Haverfordwest, West Wales.

2012                    Keith Griffiths, Hong Kong.

2010-2012           Retreats Group, Roch Castle, Commissioned to make three large hangings.

Books and Periodicals

Work appearing in :

                             Patterns and Border Book, published by Anaya press.

                             Ecclesiastical Textiles Book, Search press/Burns and Oats.

                             Crafts, Nov/Dec (1996)

                             Crafts, Jan/Feb (1996)

Personal Statement

                            Having studied ceramics at Bristol and Staffordshire, I discovered my passion for surface pattern. I went on to developed a more focused approach to exploring my favoured imagery in a variety of two dimensional media especially textiles.

My influences have evolved from personal experiences and the wealth of exhibitions and visual resources I have been exposed to and more recently the natural world. My own style has always reflected a love of naive, colourful, decorative arts. When travelling I have always sought to find the essence of local arts and crafts with the hope of experiencing the magic and history of that area. I feel the way I now work is similar to how I started out but relates to different life experiences collected along the way.

  I am generally very positive about life and enjoy exploring themes of courtship, motherhood, feeding and snippets of day-to day life. These images are presented using pattern and colour which express aspects of my world that I find hopeful, tender, sometimes humorous and often domestic.

My embroidery is hand stitched using a simple chain stitch with coloured yarns onto a quilted cotton surface. For me the characteristics of line and texture, colour and weight conveyed through these small linear stitches expresses a quality differently from any other media or technique. Hand stitching is an obsession for me. It's like its own world: the excitement, the commitment, the intense involvement and of course the realisation.

Amanda Wright Profile

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